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Temporary Staffing

AXIS SERVICES is an active player in the Indian Human Resource-related Business Process Operations. It has been providing ready-to-go quality professionals to large FMCG, Consumer Durable and Service companies besides handling innovative mission-critical service offerings on behalf of clients.

MNC and Blue chip Indian Service and FMCG companies have retained Axis Services to provide a host of HR and Marketing services.

Leveraging its nationwide network, with plug and play offices. AXIS SERVICES has drawn up very aggressive service offerings that include:

• Temporary Staffing
• Customer Acquisition Services
• Customer Interaction Services
• Retail Management
• Relationship Management Services

Payroll Solutions

AXIS SERVICES provides dependable, Payroll management solutions that integrate:

• Payroll (monthly basis, with TDS computation)
• Pay slip generation
• Reports, bank statements, Salary JV preparation
• Flexible benefits/basket of allowance pay processing
• Loan management/loan processing
• Maintenance of balances
• Computation of interest
• Attendance and leave records
• Disbursal of salary
• Customized MIS

Statutory Compliance Support

AXIS SERVICES ensures monthly filing of PF, Professional Tax, ESI and Income Tax returns on time, enabling the client to maintain legal status as well as saving the client’s time. This system handles:

• Statutory registrations
• Monthly deductions and filing
• Annual/half-yearly statement preparation and filing
• Statutory audit

Trust Management

AXIS SERVICES Trust Management solutions take care of processing, compliance, monitoring of various activities in dependable, zero error formats. In addition to Accounting, Statutory compliance, Processing applications, Claims and Query Management for PF, it incorporates provision for the tracking of receipts and payments