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Talent Acquisition

AXIS SERVICES caters to the management talent acquisition needs of diverse industries across verticals/functions .Our processes enable us to access people in the Senior, middle and front ending levels. Right up to the right man waiting.

The focus is always on finding the appropriate resource through a concerted corporate and campus-scan mechanism that is fine-tuned to client‘s project, contingency or retainee requirements. The typical process unfolds in the following manner

• Database search for eligible’s
• Assessment
• Media planning and Advertisement
• Identifying potential resources
• Evaluating resources
• Orienting resources
• Short-listing candidates
• Testing – in progressive phases leading up to the final round
• Reference checks
• Salary negotiations

Advertised Talent Acquisition

This process helps create awareness about the client as well as generate interest. It is a targeted process focusing on specialized professionals for specific roles. It can be customized to budget and volume and the responses generated through a dedicated email ID are monitored and processed by dedicated teams.

Permanent Staffing

Permanent staffing requirements are sourced through Database, Advertising and Turnkey service segments depending on the volumes. Databases are accessed predominantly for requirements pertaining to middle/junior management staff through quick-matching in a pre-shortlisted database segment, enabling a quick response time.

Turnkey Talent Acquisition

This is a volume-oriented process and is ideally suited for needs in junior/middle management levels. It is a process best deployed for start-ups, resource identification for new projects, quick scale up of team sizes across locations.

It is most effective for eking out mission-ready resources for bulk talent acquisition and initiates a multiple search internal programme to find the right fit across geographies.